Saturday, February 22, 2014

Joyful Expressions: Saturday Sales and releases

OMG, what a week. Some work to do, an event today, trying to work on some freebies... And, on the top of that, I found two little kitties someone left in a box on the street, very close to my house... They´re here at home (in fact, they are the reason why I´m awake since 5:00 am - this was the first night they stayed inside the house - the others I left them on the backyard... It´s hard to protect two very tiny mewnions from the jealousy of five really big adult cats... Kitties must have in between 7 and 8 weeks...

Well, if you´re like me and love pets, you will like these sales:

It's Super Saturday and today you can grab 2 animal kits from Joyful Expressions. Phydeaux and The Cat's Meow are both on sale today only for just $2.00 a piece.

This week release by Joyful Expressions is super cute if you have someone in your family who loves basketball:

And, in case you missed last week CU freebie, it´s now at the store:

Have a nice weekend!

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