Sunday, March 30, 2014

Grand Opening Speed Scrap

Hello everybody! Are you up for a not so Speed Scrap on Wednesday? I´ll be hosting it at ScrappyBee forum and chatroom!

Also, don´t forget to pop on ScrappyBee forums tomorrow to see all the other fun stuff we prepared for you this month!

Friday, March 28, 2014

You don´t wanna miss this CHARITY kit...

If you ask me what is my biggest and deepest fear, I´d say, I am really affraid of fire. I lost the count on how many times, since I was young, I had nightmares about my house set on fire... I was the child who had nightmares for a week when I saw kindergarten cop... And still today, I am very sensitive to news about fires...
So, when I knew that there was a charity colab being made for the family of Susan, of Susan Godfrey Designs, who got hit by a tragedy like this, I just needed to join. And seems this tragedy touched the hearts of lots of other designers too - have you seen a colab kit made by almost 60 designers before? Have you seen a colab of this size for ONLY TEN DOLLARS? Let me introduce you I´ll be there for you:

The digital world is a small world, indeed. Friends from all over the world come together and form friendships, like they've never been able to before, due to the availability of the world wide web and our ability to share so much of our lives via our crafting and scrapbooking adventures. This has given us a new opportunity to support each other in ways that would have never been possible before.
Susan Godfrey of Susan Godfrey Designs and her family recently lost their home and possessions in a horrible house fire in early February of 2014. Digital designers and scrapbook artists from around the world got together to make a collab, full of thousands of pieces of beautiful artwork to sell in order to help Susan and her family in this time of need. All monies (minus paypal fees) will go directly to Susan and bless their family during this time. 
The digital scrapbooking collection includes pieces from dozens of designers and aspiring designers all over the web. Be sure to share your pages here in the GingerScraps gallery so we can see how you've celebrated the friendships in your life!
I'll Be There For You Mega Collab includes: 
11 alphabets, 221 12x12 papers in assorted patters, paints, solids and textures, 3 arrows, 7 butterflies, 16 assorted buttons, 5 clips, 3 brads, 2 staples, 6 pieces of flair, 61 flowers, 29 frames, 38 journal cards, 21 leaves, 20 pieces of paint & confetti, 33 ribbons & bows, 6 banners, 20 pieces of stitching and string, 6 elegant swirls, 7 assorted tags, 93 pieces of word art, and dozens of other assorted pieces. Not all pieces are shown on previews.

My portion was only a tiny journal card set - something really, really small. But somehow, scrapping and designing make us transform in (digital) art a little bit of our feelings. We hope that you join us in the effort of helping this family by buing the arts we made - if charity itself don´t move you, what about 1.8Gb of scrap awesomeness for all the styles you can think about? Hurry to GingerScraps and buy this mega kit now - it´s only 10 dollars...

Thursday, March 27, 2014

LW Designs first store is opening next Monday

And it´s not a Joke!

I am super excited to open my first digiscrap store at ScrappyBee. The whole store is opening on April 1st, so we will all grow together. I am also really excited because some great people that I´ve known from blog trains and digital scrapbook communities will be there with me! It will be a really fun place to hang around!

You will probably want to join our forum (you may want to put my username, Lorien as referee to get approved faster) and newsletter to know all the buzz about this wonderful digiscrap store and community!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pixel Scrapper Blog Train - Templates

This blog train is a very special one: It started on a ISO (in search of) topic where two members requested kits with a very similar theme and color palette to scrap their wedding books - and we deceided to turn it a blog train. I deceided to went even further, and having a series of kits about weddings - the wedding series.

I tried my best to have the first kit from my series to join this blog train, but lots of stuff happened along the way - so, you all will have to wait a bit more for the full weding series kits - have you seen these papers with the colors of the kits that are in the oven?

As I couldn´t finish the kit, I hurried up on some of the templates for the Wedding Series Template Pack, to share with all the blog train followers. Even so, I´m late - sorry about that, but I was making sure the templates didn´t have any QC issues, and some of them were kind of hard to fix. In my not-so-modest opinion these templates will look very pretty on a wedding photobook, and they have lots of possibilities... On template 1, originally made for 5 photos and a big white space, you can place a big photo on the paper spot, or put papers/journaling spots in one of the photos place. Template 2 is great for a big pretty photo, a smaller photo (maybe a zoom of the first photo?) and has a quite large journal spot - that you may use as a clustering spot if you don´t want to write anything...

Link expired - these templates are at my store now

This download will be active only for a month - In the morning of April 7th the links will expire and the templates will be available on my store, along with the other templates for the Wedding Series, some days later. In case you still don´t know, I got accepted as a designer from the Scrappy Bee - a new awesome store that will open at April 1st - and it´s not a joke! Get ready to have some fun with us in the first week of April. You what you will find... 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Joyful Expressions Project Life: March is live!

It is time for another Joyful Expressions Project Life template pack. Whether you are doing P52 weekly layouts or P365 photo-a-day layouts, you will find that the Joyful Expressions' Project Life templates will give your Project Life pages a crisp, clean eye-catching look. Designed for scrapping up to 7 photos a page, these templates can be used for any number of photos by simply swapping out the photos for paper and leaving them blank or as a place for more journaling. The Project Life: March Templates pack includes 4 quality-checked 300DPI 12x12 templates in PSD, TIF and PNG formats and will be on sale for 50% off through March 13th. 

You probably want to see some layouts made using the 4 templates included in the Project Life: March Templates pack, right? Here you are:

Freebie alert: If you are counting your Project Life weeks by the number of Sundays that are in a month, you will need 5 templates for March.  You will get 4 templates when you purchase Project Life: March Templates and you can grab this 5th template on the Joyful Expressions blog:

CLICK HERE to go to the Joyful Expressions blog to grab the freebie template.

CLICK HERE to go to the store and grab Project Life: March Templates while they are 50% off.