Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It´s Panda-Monium by Joyful Expressions

Hello all!

Today I´ll show you a super cute kit called It´s Panda-Monium, designed by Joyful Expressions a designer that I admire most each time that I get a kit to test:

Aren´t all those pandas super cute? This kit has 12 papers and 29 elements, and more information about it can be found at Joyful Expressions Store, where you can also buy it. Click here to go directly to the product page (and remember it´s for sale till January 1st, 2014 - see post below for more info). I have to admit that I really like the pandas, but what called, imediately, attention to the kit was the great color palette with the favorite colors of my husband! When we met long time ago in a galaxy far away, he used to wear clothes only from these colors... Sometimes, young guys have strange ways to express themselves...  Well, I needed to make a layout with one of my favorite pics of him:

My husband is the one with the golden dragon tee - he loves dragons, specially the chinese ones. And he also love sunburst patterns - when I saw this kit I knew I needed to scrap this picture with it, and when I saw the suburst paper I knew I must use it as the background! Am I too weird for associating kits and assets with people? I like how this LO came out, because I could use flowers and still keep the layout manly, and the way everything goes along very well in this kit is just awesome.

I guess you won´t see me posting again this year, so, Happy 2014!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Joyful Expressions After Christmas sale - starts TODAY!

Hello everybody! I had an unexpectely nice Christmas time this year. After two or three not-so-cool christmas days on the last years, I deceided I wouldn´t celebrate this year. But then, my relatives deceided to do it on the old way and it was very cool. I hope you all also had a fun and safe holiday, and that the New Year celebrations are even better! If you want to give you a belated gift, check this add about the after Christmas sale by Joyful Expressions! I´ll talk about one of these kits in the next days: Can you guess which one I´ve chosen?

The holiday season has been a busy one!  And just in case you missed any of the Joyful Expressions' November or December releases, Joyful Expressions is having an After Christmas Sale on all products released over the holiday season.  All November and December releases will be on sale for 50% off from December 26th through January 1st.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Birthday Bash by Crescent Moon Designs + Journal Cards 4U

Good Evening everybody!

I had great fun playing with a kit called Birthday Bash, by Crescent Moon Designs. It has a super cool color palette that makes the kit useful for birthdays for all ages and genders. And it has also super cute cupcakes:

Find this kit at Go Digital Scrapbooking or Scrapbird. I used this kit to make a pocket style double sided page for my brother´s birthday. Those are very special pictures for me, not only because I had great fun, but also because it´s hard to take pictures from my parents:

Come to think of it, I´m planning to do digital project life next year! Is there someone over there planning the same? If you do, you´ll maybe like the journal cards I made and you can grab them below. One is a filer card and the other one is a proper journal card, as you have space to write on it. Click on the preview to download.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Santa Paws by Joyful Expressions

I´m back with exciting news. I deceided to try a guest position for Joyful Expressions, and I got accepted. Even better: today, they´re releasing a super cute kit that has two things that I really like: Pets and Word Play!  It´s called Santa Paws and have lots of cute cats and dogs dressed for Christmas:

I will for sure use this kit a lot, as it is the perfect kit to scrapping cute things pets do while they wait for Santa. Take a look on the layout I made today, using a picture from some years ago, when Messy was a spoiled kitty:

I´m really impressed with the variety of elements contained on this kit. It contains 38 papers; upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols paper pieced alpha; 12 word strips; and 96 elements including:

  • 9 cats dressed up in their winter weather gear
  • 1 pompom cat toy
  • 13 dogs dressed up in their winter weather gear
  • 1 epoxy dog
  • 1 dog bone
  • 3 gifts
  • 3 ornaments
  • 3 stockings (including 1 stuffed with cat toys and another stuffed with dog toys)
  • 1 set of holly berries and leaves
  • 1 string of Christmas lights
  • 1 Christmas tree
  • 1 bell
  • 1 candy cane
  • 1 banner
  • 1 glitter berry branch
  • 8 flowers
  • 1 evergreen bough
  • 2 leaves
  • 4 frames
  • 2 sweater material cutout shapes
  • 2 brads
  • 6 buttons pre-fastened with stitches
  • 3 unfastened buttons with 3 separate button stitched for those who like to mix and match their fasteners
  • 1 staple (available with holes and shadowing)
  • 3 sets of stitching (including 2 that come with in a second version with holes and shadows)
  • 4 tags
  • 15 different trims including straight and curly ribbons, bows, strings, lace and ric rac

I loved all those cats and dogs. But I have to say that I really like the word strips. They are really fun!

To buy this kit, you must go to Joyful Expressions store at Scraps´n Pieces. If I were you, I´d do it fast. It  will be 50% off till December 19th, it. And, if you´re not a pet person, you can try Christmas Traditions kit:

I hope you find these kits as cute and useful as I did ;)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Crescent Moon Designs Grand Opening + Freebie

Do you remember last post when I told you that Crescent Moon Desings would have a new store soon? Moon´s new home is at Go Digital Scrapbooking - and she has a sale for you:

And, to make the celebration even better, I made a tag for you. Click on the preview to download:

To see a layout I made using this kit, see the post below. And don´t forget to check Crescent Moon Designs new store at Go Digital Scrapbooking

Friday, November 22, 2013

Jack Frost kit by Crescent Moon Designs

Yes, I know. I need to take the dust of this blog, start updating you and so on. Well, I´m planning some cool stuff, but it´s not today´s subject... I´m here to show you the layout I made with Crescent Moon Designs new release. First, introducing her new kit, Jack Frost:

Jack frost is a wintery Christmas kit, full of snowpeople and cute animals ready to help Santa! This kit remembered me a photo taken some years ago, that I should use in a layout:

You can find this kit in Moon´s store at Scrapbird. At least for now, it´s exclusive there. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Last of Summer Freebie

You know what? New month, new freebie :D

August was a even busier month here. It was a month with a road trip to see relatives that I haven´t met in the last 13 years! Also, the month before the bi-annual convention of the Tolkien fan-club which I´m in, and I´m helping to organize.

Although I couldn´t stop to design a logo for myself, I had a spare afternoon during the road trip, and designed some papers and started some ellies for the STS Road Trip. Then, I quality checked everything and added something else and... here you have a new freebie :D

This road trip has, as a title, "Last of Summer", and, someday, I plan to make a full Summer kit with this palette... I´ll change a bit the theme, but I´m not really sure how. What do you think? Should I theme it as Summer Sunset/Nightfall? Summer Solstice? Or maybe Summer in the Metropolis? Well, we´ll see in some months.

Blog Train List:

I guess from the end of this month on, I can really get into desinging again, although I have another convention next month. I am missing it so much, specially to pick stuff at my craft room, put them in what I call a "wonder box", then go down with them, scan and extract :) Let´s see what surprises this new month brings...

Friday, August 2, 2013

At the beach element pack freebie - PS Blog train

Hello folks,

July was a crazy, unexpected, surprising, exciting but extremely fun month for me. Do you remember that I was trying to put up a full kit for you? I thought "well, I´ll have almost all July days free, so I´ll finish this kit, and that one for August in advance" and... guess what?

The small craft business owned by me along with two friends received an invitation to have a booth on a very huge geekery convention from our hometown, that lasted 8 days - no, I don´t live in San Diego, unfortunatelly, it wasn´t ComicCon :( The only problem was that this invitation arrived to us only 10 days before the convention started. And, as our products are moslty handmade and it was too good to decline, we went in a sleepless scheme to attend the convention.

Everything was fantastic, but I couldn´t have the "free" weeks I was suposed to have before my road trip.  I still have to prepare for another convention in September, just 10 days after my trip ends - this one is held by the LotR fan club I belong, and I´m in charge of some very important positions, and, when this one is done, we will need to prepare for another one we are going to sell at, in the middle of October.

And, as digital scrapbooking still don´t make me any profit, I had to slow down with it. This slowing down, however, just showed to myself how I LOVE to do it, and miss it while I´m away of scrapping and designing - and, as soon as those busy months end, I hope to commit more with scrapping and, specially, designing. For now, I can tell you that I deceided that I´ll keep Lorien´s Workshop as my "brand" for crafts, and start using the name LW designs for digital scrapbook and digital scrapbook designs. In my opinion it´s not a great issue, as LW are the initials I always used on my kits. The only thing is that I need a new logo! I am going to try designing it during my road trip, but not sure if I really want to do it without my wacom... let´s see...

Well, back to the topic: It´s time for a new Pixel Scrapper blog train and, as I´ve played in all PS blogtrains since they start, I couldn´t just drop this one down. So, I made a Personal Use element pack to play along. I try to make everything for Pixel Scrapper as comercial use stuff, but this time I used lots of CU stuff that didn´t allow CU4CU, and it was either use them and make a small pack, or don´t jump in! Since I efective learned high quality standards it´s not an option for me to make poor quality elements anymore. Unfortunatelly, making everything from scratch to offer as limited comercial use kits is still a slow process for me if I´m doing it according the quality standards.

Here is my portion of the blog train. Click on the preview to enlarge, the direct download link is right above the preview:

Download expired

As you can see, my element pack have 4 unique high textured elements, made in a way they seem to be handmade to use on a paper scrapbook work. but then, as I think photo props are really cool, I deceided to experiment and make my sunglasses with semi-transparent pixel lenses; so, included on the download are two sunglasses which lenses have different transparency levels - I´m not sure if you can really see the effect on the preview; also, say hello to my hubby, lol. The elements are all shown in actual size against a 12x12 in background; the background paper isn´t included, but you can download at DigiTee Designs by Sheilla blog, where you can also find the styles I used on the tree and lots of other awesome freebies! 

Click here to see the full blog train list, including previews, and don´t forget to feed the designers you love with comments!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Pixel Scrapper July Colab: Sweet things

Good Morning everybody!

First of all, thank you for the very kind comments on my last posts and, to those who wanted to know how were my sales on that convention I went in the middle of June: They were just AMAZING, I sold everything I prepared for that event, which made me money to buy things in the biggest craft fair where I leave, that will start next Wednesday and is placed... 3 blocks away from my house! How cool is that? And, of course, I´m saving a part of my earnings to buy some CU goodies for my next kits.

What I have of good and free for you today? Some very talented scrappers from the Pixel Scrapper community deceided to make a collaboration kit, to share for free; I helped to organize it, and also made some solids with a very subtle texture. first of all, take a look on how everything looks together:


I made one of the solids set, which you can see below; the preview isn´t the most fantastic of all, because it´s the first time I put a 100% zoom, and, I have to confess, I am not satisfied with it. Direct download link is right below the preview:

Now, to grab the full kit, just click here and you will be redirected to a page that shows each one´s previews and link to their blogs.

I will try to have a new full kit for you around next weekend, but not sure if I´ll finish it on time - I hope I can do it.

Happy New Month for you all!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Scraps and Pieces blog Train: Fathers and Sons

Today will be an exciting day! I´m going to sell some crafts and stickers designed by me at a convention. It´s 1:58 am here, and I´m still finishing some things. At 7:30am sharp I´m leaving home! Wow.

That´s the reason my kit is so small and my post will be also very simple. I suggested this palette and theme for SNP blog train, but didn´t had time to make a full kit as I wanted. I will still do it someday, but now it isn´t on the priority list. I want a very doodled kit, but still manly. The cap and the bowtie you see were hand drawn by myself!

Now, take a look on the fantastic portions you can grab on the other portions of the train: This time, all of them are just fantastic:

And here is the links list, so you can find all those goodies to make a fun full kit:

Lorien´s Workshop --> You are here, yay! Just one left <---

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pixel Scrapper blog train - Pond Life

If you are looking for the STS blog train (Starry Summer Night), see the post below.

I am a little late to the Pixel Scrapper blog train, but I think that it´s better late than never. Or, in my case, better a small quality CU portion than a nothing.

When I work for Pixel Scrapper blog trains, I try to make restricted comercial use kits because there are some people there that really like Comercial use resources; so, on this case, either I make everything from scratch, or I use only stuff I have CU4CU license, and they come from very few designers. And, as I realised that what I was making from scratch didn´t met the quality standards, I´m trying to make better material, or it will be useless anyway.

I have very few experiences with ponds; the only ones I like are the zen ones, with carps, lotus and so on. But the colors of the blog train go better with the muddy full of frogs ones, and the inspiration hasn´t flown like when I did Birds and Bees or Retro Kitchen blog train; so, I made a small pack of papers, including patterned papers, one solid and themed papers too. The carp on the paper was hand drawn by me, and so were the doodles that I´m offering as elements. I also have for you a dragonfly scatter/border that I made based on an element originally offered by Brooke at Pixel Scrapper.

I hope you can combine my bit to other parts of this blog train and make some fun layouts!

Don´t forget to check the portions other people on Pixel Scrapper community have done. They are really pretty. Click here to see all the previews and blog links of this blog train.

I am still not sure if I´ll have time to play at SNP blog train this time, because on that weekend I will go sell my paper cards at a fair, but I will try. If you take a bit longer to hear from me again, don´t worry - I´ll be back as soon as I can with CT work and, of course, freebies!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Starry Summer Sky STS Road Trip - Freebie

Good Morning everybody! I Hope you will enjoy June.

Today is my first time at the Stuff to Scrap Road Trip. Road trip is the way they call the blog trains at Stuff to Scrap, another great digital scrapbooking store. If you are following the road trip stop by stop, you are coming from the fantastic Busy Craft Mommy designs. I love her work.

Again, my portion turned to be tiner that I wanted to make, but it´s been a busy month. And, as I said on the last post, I´m trying to offer only high quality products, and they take longer to be done. I have to confess I took a long time on the WordArts, so they could be in a standard I was satisfied with. If you find any quality mistake on this portion, feel free to e-mail me through the e-mail provided on the terms of use.

I hope you like it, and have fun playing with them. Please leave a comment if you can. If you want to keep on riding this blog train, here is the full list of stops:

Jiovanna's Creations
WinksArt Graphics
Jessica art-design
Little Big Designs
EmJay Scraps
Scraping Arizona Girl
Just Saskia
Monkey's Musings
Growing Pains Scrapped
Shuckclod's Stuff
Triple J Designs
AK Designs
Scraps by Andrea
MDK Scraps
Scrappin Serenity
KapiScrap & Art
Desert Digi-Scrap
Cajun Diva Scraps
Busy Crafting Mommy Designs
Lorien´s Workshop <---- You are here, thanks for your visit.
JMC Designs (don´t forget to check this next (and last) stop!)


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Freebies about to expire

I am writing this note to remember you that Heart Rock song full kit will expire on June the 5th. For instructions to download it, click here.

As you may know for now, Heart Rock Song is the result of a design mentoring class I took at Scraps and Pieces. I learned a lot there, and realised that most of the stuff I did before that was of poor quality. I apologise for those who have downloaded poor quality things from me, it was just because I didn´t really knew the standards, and how to do better stuff.

As now I know how to do it better, and I wish I´ll have a store to sell digi stuff sooner or later, I will retire some of the previous freebies to make a full kit with a improoved quality. When I finish this kit, I´ll do how I did with heart rock song: Live it for free for a limited time, them whitdraw it to the day I am able to have a store somewhere. The kits I am going to retire on June the 07th, to work on improoved versions, are:

Next post will be on June 01st and will include new, better quality freebies. Don´t forget to come back to check them out :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

New Release - Heart Rock Song - FREE for limited time

I am so excited to share the Heart Rock song kit. While I write this post, the kit is being uploaded, and you all have till June the 5th to grab it for free, only at Scraps N´Pieces forum.

Before I explain to you how to download, let me show you the bundle preview:

This bundle contains: 43 elements, 26 papers, including solids, four templates (offered in layered tif, psd and individual pngs, plus a preview in jpg for each alpha) and a small chipboard stamped alpha including uper and lowercase, and some punctuation. In the post below, you have a close look at the elements/word arts preview. And I have a page using one of the templates, with elements and papers of the kit, whose journalling says a curious fact that happened when I was designing this kit:

Funny, isn´t it? In the kit the "rock" wordart is already on a chalkboard background, so you can use it in any color of paper. Well, now, the information you are probably looking for:

Instructions to download:

-Go to Scraps and Pieces and eiter log in the forums, or Register. If you are registering now, your account needs to be approved, but I believe it will happens very fast.
-After Logging in, you will find all the links here. There are 5 sepparated parts, all of them hosted at the same direct download server you know from my last freebies. 
-When you finish downloading my part, browse the Photoshop Class Gallery, and you´ll find tons of other freebies to download, coming from other people who took designer mentoring class. The intermediate and advanced classes made full kits, while the beginner classes made colabs, so you´ll find around 10-12 full kits and 5 colabs, all quality-checked. If they aren´t all up yet, you should come back in the afternoon or tomorrow. But don´t forget to grab them quick, as the most of us will only have the links up for 15 days. 
I have to remember you: At least for the next months, I won´t have this kit as freebie anywhere else, and it will possibly be your only chance to get it. Enjoy the kit either to play with the chalkboard trend, to make music-based layouts, or even romantic layouts - It´s up to you! It was made based on my favorite pop/rock songs, and I hope you enjoy scrapping with it as much as I enjoyed designing.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Announcement and SNP May Blog Train

Welcome to my stop at SNP blog train for this month - but, BEFORE showing you my part and so, I would like to announce a free, full quality-checked kit I´ll be offering as a freebie ONLY for a very limited time at the Scraps´N´Pieces galleries, starting on next Monday, May 20th. You will need to be registered at SNP forum, so, if I were you, I´d register now. There will be about 17 full kits there, some will be made for "single" designers, others will be colabs, and they have a huge range of subjects. I have my own full kit, and It´s called Heart Rock Song. Check my preview:

Now, to real post business: If you are following the Scraps´N´Pieces Mother´s May 1 Blog Train, you probably came from the blog of a designer I´m a fan of: Keystone Scraps. My part is a mini kit this time, because this month I got super-busy with Heart Rock Song kit. 

Click on the preview below to download:

Freebie expired

If you are following the blog train, your next stop is Little Big Designs. Don´t forget to send some love to her, as she´s a beginner - and beginning is really hard. 

If you need the blog train list, here it is:

Jiovanna's Creations
Yez Designs
Magical Scraps Galore
Triple J Designs
Prairie Song Scraps
True North Scraps
Janece Scraps
Cajun Diva Scraps
Luiza Pires Designs
Arizona Girl
Busy Crafting Mommy Designs
Memories by Digital Design
Joyful Expressions
Shuckclod's Stuff
Scrappin' With Terri
Keystone Scraps
Lorien´s Workshop <--- You are here! Thanks for stopping by
Little Big Designs
Stampgram Studio
Scraps N Pieces
Robin's Ramblings
Kristal Kreations
Kaylene's Skraps
Ladybug Pics n Scraps
Scrappin' Is My Thing
Janet's Digital Joys
Ann's Scrapbook Heaven at SNP Blog

Thanks for comming, and don´t forget to jump over Scraps And Pieces for more freebies on the 20th.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Charity collab for the Animal Protection League

Those who know me knows that one of the causes I strongly support is the animal protection. I always donate to NGOs and shelters or buy their stuff, and I also have 5 cats at home which I rescued from the streets. So when Molly, from Mollyscraps called for help to do a collab kit with the full money will go to the Animal Protection League, which made a big rescue of abandoned animals at a farm last month, of course I deceided to do my best to help.

The final kit, with counts with colaborations of the fantastic designers fromCallaluna Creations, Bits O’Scrap, Bubbles Bits, By dhariana, DBS Digiscraps, Inspired by Dominic Designs, Jessica Dixon, Just Jaimee, Key Lime Digi Design, Little Rad Trio,  Misplaced Mermaid, mollyscraps, Ninigoesdigi, Pink Boy Studio, and Scrumptiously, has over 55 papers, more than 120 elements, 2 alphas, 7 quickpages, 21 journal cards, 6 filler cards and 2 clusters, plus a $5 coupon to mollyscraps:

Also, a preview of the (always fantastic) journal cards by Scrumptuosity:

I was going to make only some CT work, because I got really busy with the Design Mentoring Class I´m taking at Scraps´N´Pieces. But as I saw it only had Molly´s alpha, I deceided to add an extra one. I have also two surprise clusters made with other member´s parts:

Now, the issues of the deal: Everything will cost only 10 dollars, which you need to donate directly to the Animal Protection League. First, you have to come here to donate. Then, you should send a copy of your receipt to talktotheanimalscollab@gmail.com and the download links will be send to you in a maximum of 24 hours.

Thank you in advance for helping!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Digi Day @Scrappiness Designs

Happy Digi Day is an event created by Scrappiness Designs. On random days she has cupons for her store. And, guess what: Today is a Happy Digi Day! Will you miss this opportunity?

Act quick! Go to Scrappiness Designs, purchase whatever you want and use your coupon.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Early Spring Alpha

Here we are again, in another blog train journey with Scraps and Pieces! April´s theme is Early Spring, and we have very soft, dreamy colors. If you are following the train, you probably came here from Studio Linda Renee, which is a blog I really like, and have been following for some time now. Well, back to business: I deceided to make an alpha for you. Thinking on my Brazilian friends, I put some of the accented letters we use, like á and ó. I hope you this alpha, and please, leave me comments if you download.

****Link expired****

Edit: As no one complained about direct download, it´s now my way of choice to share files. I removed the alternate link. If you had troubles with it, please comment below.

In the past months, I´ve worked with three very similar color palettes. This alpha easily coordinates with Pixel Scrapper Blogtrain (Birds and Bees), which is right below this post, and Morning Fresh Blog Train, which was lauched in February. So, I recommend you to take a look at it. My part of Morning Fresh is still up, and you still have till April 30th to grab all the portions of Birds and Bees. And, of course, you have lots of fantastic stops on this blog train! Your next stop is Created By Jill, another great designer. And, if you are starting the ride by my blog, here you can see all the stops:

Scraps N Pieces
CakiePotPie Designs
Marie H designs
Cajun Diva Scraps
Luiza Pires Designs
Shuckclod's Stuff
True North Scraps
Studio Linda Renee
Lorien´s Workshop <--- you are here! Thanks for stopping by
Created by Jill Scraps
Scraps Along The Way
Yez Designs
Karen Diamond Designs
Triple J Designs
Gray Dragonfly
Magical Scraps Galore
Leaving a Legacy Designs
Sheri's Scraps
Janet's Digital Joys
Robin's Ramblings
Busy Crafting Mommy Designs
Joyful Expressions
Stampgram's Studio
Ponytails Designs

Enjoy :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Pixel Scrapper Blogtrain - Birds and Bees

Good Morning everybody!

I am very happy to be with you, joining in the 3rd Pixel Scrapper blog train. This time, the theme is Birds and bees, and the color palette is a very soft one. I have a full kit for you, and, as I said in the previous post, I´m trying direct download for it. But. As It´s the first time I do it, I´ll also provide Google Drive links, in case the other link don´t work. If you have any trouble downloading, please leave a comment describing it, so I can fix as soon as possible.

To see the other fantastic entries to this blog train, check the list clicking here. Here are my previews and the download links are below. I made a download separated for the solid papers, so, in case you prefer to make your own solids, you save some room in your HD (Their files are big, I don´t know why).

A closer look on the papers:

Now, your download links:

****Freebie expired****

Also, if you enjoyed this kit, I need to sugest you to take a look on the mini called Morning Fresh that I made for Scraps and Pieces February blog train. The download link is still active, and the color palette is really close to this one, in a way it´s easy to coordinate both. The theme isn´t too distant either. I have to confess that some times I was thinking on doing something to this kit and them remembered I had something very similar on the older one and gave up.

See you soon ;)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I hope you all enjoy your holliday. I made this layout for all my friends and readers with a photo I found here and the kit Lovely Easter by Scrappiness Designs.

Tomorrow I´ll have another blog train leaving the station: It´s the Pixel Scrapper Blog Train. So, don´t forget to come back and check it out :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Kid´s Art: Alpha (Freebie!)

Good Evening everyone!

This week designer challenge on Pixel Scrapper is to make an alpha. So, to participate on it, I deceided to give you another freebie: An alpha to match my Kid´s Art mini kit! I hope you enjoy it!

***Link expired***

Monday, March 18, 2013

Kit Spa Day by Scrappiness designs

Early in this month, Scrappiness Designs rehearsed this very cute kit:

And it´s on my favorites list now :) I made two layouts using these kits, which I´ll show you above:

Aren´t my cats cute? This layout was made with pictures I took of him two years ago! I also made a layout with pictures of myself on last February:

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. And, if you want to purchase, head to Scrappiness Designs.

Friday, March 15, 2013

New Freebie - Kid´s Art Blog Train

The first thing I have to say about this blog train is: We fell in love for this color palette as soon as we´ve seen it! Here we love bright, primary colors <3

This is one of the entries of this month Scrap´s and Pieces blog train! If you are following the train, you´ve come from the fun Busy Craft Mommy designs. As I saw that some of my fellow ladies were preparing great paper packs for you, I deceided to focus on the elements this time:

But, I also had great fun making a couple of papers:

***Freebie expired***

Now, you should go to the fun blog by Sue Rice, Scrappin´ is my thing. If you need to check the full list of this blog train stops, here it is:

True North Scraps
Prairie Song Scraps
Magical Scraps Galore
Karen Diamond Designs
AK Designs
Scraps N Pieces
Shuckclod's Stuff
Yez Designs
Triple J Designs
Gray Dragonfly
Busy Crafting Mommy Designs
Lorien´s Workshop ---> You are here - thanks for stopping by!
Scrappin' Is My Thing
Ponytails Designs
...too busy to blog today
Stampgram's Studio
Janet's Digital Joys
Luiza Pires Designs

Also, don´t forget to leave comments for everybody - they feed the designer´s souls!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kit Winter Wonders by Callaluna Creations

Good Morning all! I am having a great morning, and I hope you all are enjoying your weekend as much as I am!

Today, I am here to talk a little bit more about other great kit from Callaluna Creations, which you can find in its Southern Comfort Scraps Store, and is 50% off for the next few days! It´s called Winter Wonders. I am definitelly not a winter person, and winter here, is, in fact, very different from Europe and US: It´s cold, but we don´t have snow. It´s mostly dry, although in the mid-winter we get 2 or 3 weeks of non-stop rain, that can be very thick and annoying, or turn in storms. It´s gray all around, and the only good thing are the strawberries that become easily found in the markets. It´s mostly gray, although in the last weeks its possible to hear the birds start singing in early morning, and some trees full of yellow flowers.

Despite of this differences, however, I loved the colors on this kit, specially the tan and the dark purple. Take a look on the preview to see what I´m talking about:

Can you see the birdie? Is my favorite part of the kit. It aso has lots of other elements, and a frosty alpha that is awesome. You could already see some parts of the kit on this layout I showed you on our last post:

Today, I wanna show you how the papers are in detail - there are lots of cool papers on this kit - note that the glitters come in full 12x12 paper size:

I found in my stash a picture I took in 2010 that suited perfectly for this color palette, and made another layout, using lots of the papers found in the pack. I had great fun making this layout, which I scraplifted from this one, and hope you like it as much as I did:

To know more about Winter Wonders kit, check this post on Callaluna Creations blog. It has a funny story there, and other great layout examples, it´s totally worth the visit!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Two layouts using Callaluna Creation´s kits

I´d like to thank you all for the warm reception my last freebie is having, and I hope you are having a great week. Today, I´m posting to show you, my last creations with Callaluna Creation´s kits.

The first one I made using a kit I already talked about in this blog (here): It´s called Love Bites, the official release is here, and you can purchase it here (and it´s 50% off, so enjoy). My page is about my husband making crazy faces when I try to take romantic pictures:

The second page for today is from a soon-to-be-released kit, with a winter theme and lots of purple and teal. As I never saw snow, I used a cheat code for this page: I downloaded this picture from publicphoto.org to make the page:

In my opinion, this bird is super cute! To make the banner behind the title, I just made little rectangles and used some of the glitters that are included in the kit.

Curious about this kit? When it comes up officially, I´ll let you know!