Thursday, February 27, 2014

Introducing the Wedding Series + a paper pack for you

One of my designer goals is to offer series of kits that match with each other or, even if the kits aren´t part of a series, to point out to my costumers kits that can be used together. My first series is the wedding series. It´s inspired for some of us who, even being married for some years now, still didn´t scrap our own wedding books. I have three kits of this series on the process of being made and I may, or may not, have more of them later (do you want me to make a wedding kit on your theme/ colors? E-mail me at loriensworkshop at and, if I take your request as a part of the wedding series you´ll get the kit you inspired for free!)

So, to give you a little sample, I pulled out some colors from two of the palettes and made this paper pack, using some products from my friend Jenni, from Joyful Expressions. The packs I used were Taking the Metro CU paper pattern makers, that I already announced on this blog. You can purchase the pack 1 here - today is the last day of the 50% off sale for this one - Only US$ 1,50 for four CU layered templates - and the part 2 is here - this is also in a limited time sale.

This is my free sample - I´ve been avoiding to use "freebie" word, specially in the header, to try avoiding the bots that steal downloads and put on suspicious sites - so when you see that the title of a topic include a "for you" or "4U" there´s free stuff somewhere. Click on the pic to download:

When working with layered patterned papers, you jave lots of possibilities if you don´t want simply to recolor and texture to have your papers. You can rotate, add masks, borders, hide (or add) layers, apply glitter styles, use the layer styles as overlays to create tone-on-tone papers (they´re also called tonal, or solidish) and so on. I explored only a few of these possibilities on this paper pack, but, if you want, I can make a tutorial showing the how-tos (just ask by e-mail or on the blog comments). Also, layered patterns are easier to make high quality colorful papers, as you can clip the texture individually in each layer, to make sure it shows equally in different colors. As I said, I used only a few of these techniques so you can easy identify the patterns I used on the pattern maker previews, shown below (and still see some of the colors I´m using on my next kits):

Thanks for reading - and watch for news and more freebie stuff on the wedding series coming soon!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Joyful Expressions: Saturday Sales and releases

OMG, what a week. Some work to do, an event today, trying to work on some freebies... And, on the top of that, I found two little kitties someone left in a box on the street, very close to my house... They´re here at home (in fact, they are the reason why I´m awake since 5:00 am - this was the first night they stayed inside the house - the others I left them on the backyard... It´s hard to protect two very tiny mewnions from the jealousy of five really big adult cats... Kitties must have in between 7 and 8 weeks...

Well, if you´re like me and love pets, you will like these sales:

It's Super Saturday and today you can grab 2 animal kits from Joyful Expressions. Phydeaux and The Cat's Meow are both on sale today only for just $2.00 a piece.

This week release by Joyful Expressions is super cute if you have someone in your family who loves basketball:

And, in case you missed last week CU freebie, it´s now at the store:

Have a nice weekend!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sales at Joyful Expressions and free stuff 4U

Hello Everybody!

I hope you´re enjoying your weekend. Here it´s kind of cold today, I want summer back, lol. Do you already know what Jenni from Joyful Expressions has for sale today? Check out:

You can grab 2 awesome kits from Joyful Expressions. Americana and Applicious are both on sale today only for just $2.00 a piece. There´s also the did you miss it? Sale, that goes on  till the end of the month:


Also, I made some layouts and a freebie with Joyful Expressions´ kit You Complete Me. I´m really proud of the results:

On the second one I also used one of the Project Life: February templates:

Don´t forget to check the kits I used at Joyful Expression´s store: You Complete Me and Project Life Templates: February - I really like them, and I hope you´ll like too! 

And I made also a cluster frame for you, using You complete me. I hope you enjoy it. Click on the preview to get the frame:

If you want more freebies, there´s a template freebie on Joyful Expression´s Blog, and another one on JE´s Facebook. Don´t forget that I also have a facebook timeline template freebie on LW Designs Facebook.

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

New releases (CU and PU) and a CU freebie at Joyful Expressions

Hello all!

While I´m baking some awesome news for you, I´d like to let you know about two awesome new releases at Joyful Expressions. If you still haven´t thought about Valentine´s day (yes, it´s tomorrow), and your special one is the kind of person who likes funny, playful stuff, you must check this kit by Joyful Expressions. If you are planning a celebration, it may help you scrap the good time you have too! (To check this product at the store, click here or in the previews)

A closer look on the papers:

How cool is that? I love the use of green with red and black on this kit. With a game and puzzle theme, this one-of-a-kind kit works for scrapping layouts featuring the love of games or the game of love. You Complete Me contains 65 elements, 25 papers, 5 cardstocks, and an uppercase and numbers banner font.

And, if you are a designer, there´s something for you, including a limited-time freebie. We know that geometrical patterns are always useful, and the "Take the Metro" packs from Joyful Expessions are great! Take a look on pack #1: (Click here or in the preview to go to this product at the store):

If you hurry to Joyful Expressions blog, there´s a freebie for you: Take the Metro Patterm makers #2 is available for download there for a limited time. Will you miss it? If I were you, I´d subscribe to Joyful Expressions Blog - Jennifer is being very generous there! Take a look on the pack you´ll get for free:

So, don´t forget to go to Joyful Expressions blog (and if you download the free stuff, don´t forget to write a thank you note) and to visit the store too!

Have a nice day =)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Clownin´ around: New Kit by Crescent Moon Designs

Today is new release day at Crescent Moon Designs. The new release is called clownin´around and is about circus:

I really like the unique colors chosen for this kit, specially the burgundy and the purple. The light, blue brings the playfullness to the kit. I havent been on a traditional circus since I was a little kid, but these wonderful colors worked very well with pictures of my beloved cats, as you can see below:

Do you want to buy this kit today? It´s already available at GoDigital Scrapbooking, and will be available at your next digiscrap store, Scrappy Bee, at March 1st, 2014.

(PS: I´m sorry for didn´t leave you any note through this week: I had a couple of pleasant surprises - and no, any of them was that scholarship I was talking about - I passed the test but didn´t score at the top to qualify for the scolarship - and needed to change plans. So, istead of a daily life week, we´ll have some daily life weekends sometimes... with three posts each... I hope you aren´t annoyed with me due to that...)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Daily Life Scrapping Weekend - Day 3

I had a busy, happy weekend, what about you? After the launch of my fanpage I went to the Chinese New year party - and, judging by the crowd, it was somehow looking like China, lol. We ate at a restaurant we never went before, and then walked around the festival. We lost the parade this year, but saw the lion blessing some stores and getting feed with lettuce!
Today, I went to do a test for a graphic design college scolarship - they´re one of the best GD courses in town, and I´m not sure if I was good enough on the test - Their test didn´t have a specific habilities part, and covered all subjects of High School - and I didn´t have phisics on high school and had very few chemistry, since the place I studied was a humanities school for kids teachers... I scored enough in the multiple choices test to pass, but I need to be one of the top ranked to get full scholarship and I can´t afford if I don´t get it. When we finished (my hubby was still trying the same test, but for the Marketing school), we went to the 60th birthday party of my sister-in-law´s father, in a amazing restaurant, and had great fun! I for sure have a bunch of new memories to scrap, right?

Today´s theme is a question that once in a while I hear in different places: Where to find inspiration when you want to scrap but you´re not sure how to start? I´ve made a list of links that I have used for inspiration last month

Pinterest: Is it the worst internet time consumer, or the scrapper´s best friend: May be both. Here are my must go boards for pocket style/daily life scrapping inspiration:

-The Emily Files P52 2013 board - she completed it! Sometimes it´s good to remember that it´s possible. She don´t use blocked style, so her board have nice ideas to make some different stuff;
-Marisa Lerin Layout Love daily life - really inspirational and eccletic in style;
-Shanyrvr digi scrap Project life - she has great findings for pocket style;
-Cynthia Ludow Project life - Great inspiration for pocket style both in digital and hybrid/paper works.
-Amy Owens Project life - Amy has collected different kinds of inspirational stuff on her album, including photo inspirations, quotes, prompts, and, as you can imagine, pocket style pages.

Blogs: I admit I don´t follow too many bloggers that talk about Project life, but this post would be incomplete if I didn´t mention the freebies, layouts and long posts about Project life I read on Scrumptiously during last year.

Challenges at stores: I love to browse store forums for challenges, they always help me keep moving on my goals. Two stores I follow started challenges related to daily life scrapping this year, and, so far, they´re going very well: With Love Studio and Scraps and Pieces.

Now It´s your turn:

Show me where you find inspiration for daily life scrapping on the internet, and also your own places where you post your pages or inspiration boards. I want to see a little bit of everything: Blogs, pinterest boards, flickr or facebook groups, challenges on other communities... You may comment it here or post on my new Facebook Fanpage!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

LW Designs 1st Anniversary - New Facebook page

Party day at LW Designs :D I hope you don´t mind the interruption of the Daily Life Scrapbook Week - It will come back tomorrow - but I deceided to change the plans for today. I was planning to launch the LW Designs fanpage at the end of the DLSW with a project life related first freebie, but I deceided to put that freebie here and release my fanpage today, to celebrate the anniversary of the 1st blog train I joined at this blog. 
So, I deceided to offer another facebook freebie: It´s the template I used on the background of the fanpage´s coover page. You can like my brand new facebook page to get this freebie and to stay in touch and see real-time news and great stuff I find on the internet:

Now, I´m off to have some fun. Enjoy the weekend everybody!

What is happening @ Joyful Expressions and SNP today!

Happy Saturday! Happy February! Happy Chinese New Year if you´re celebrating it today, or celebrated it yesterday! Happy New Moon! Wow, today is really a happy day! Oh, and happy blogversary to me too :D

Today will be a busy day at Scraps and Pieces community. As every saturday, there´re the Super Saturday Sales. Jennifer from Joyful expressions choose this two kits for today´s sales:

Instrumental is on sale for $2.00 and Celebrate is on sale for just $1! How cool is that?

And below follows the official SNP Feb1st News post: