Sunday, February 2, 2014

Daily Life Scrapping Weekend - Day 3

I had a busy, happy weekend, what about you? After the launch of my fanpage I went to the Chinese New year party - and, judging by the crowd, it was somehow looking like China, lol. We ate at a restaurant we never went before, and then walked around the festival. We lost the parade this year, but saw the lion blessing some stores and getting feed with lettuce!
Today, I went to do a test for a graphic design college scolarship - they´re one of the best GD courses in town, and I´m not sure if I was good enough on the test - Their test didn´t have a specific habilities part, and covered all subjects of High School - and I didn´t have phisics on high school and had very few chemistry, since the place I studied was a humanities school for kids teachers... I scored enough in the multiple choices test to pass, but I need to be one of the top ranked to get full scholarship and I can´t afford if I don´t get it. When we finished (my hubby was still trying the same test, but for the Marketing school), we went to the 60th birthday party of my sister-in-law´s father, in a amazing restaurant, and had great fun! I for sure have a bunch of new memories to scrap, right?

Today´s theme is a question that once in a while I hear in different places: Where to find inspiration when you want to scrap but you´re not sure how to start? I´ve made a list of links that I have used for inspiration last month

Pinterest: Is it the worst internet time consumer, or the scrapper´s best friend: May be both. Here are my must go boards for pocket style/daily life scrapping inspiration:

-The Emily Files P52 2013 board - she completed it! Sometimes it´s good to remember that it´s possible. She don´t use blocked style, so her board have nice ideas to make some different stuff;
-Marisa Lerin Layout Love daily life - really inspirational and eccletic in style;
-Shanyrvr digi scrap Project life - she has great findings for pocket style;
-Cynthia Ludow Project life - Great inspiration for pocket style both in digital and hybrid/paper works.
-Amy Owens Project life - Amy has collected different kinds of inspirational stuff on her album, including photo inspirations, quotes, prompts, and, as you can imagine, pocket style pages.

Blogs: I admit I don´t follow too many bloggers that talk about Project life, but this post would be incomplete if I didn´t mention the freebies, layouts and long posts about Project life I read on Scrumptiously during last year.

Challenges at stores: I love to browse store forums for challenges, they always help me keep moving on my goals. Two stores I follow started challenges related to daily life scrapping this year, and, so far, they´re going very well: With Love Studio and Scraps and Pieces.

Now It´s your turn:

Show me where you find inspiration for daily life scrapping on the internet, and also your own places where you post your pages or inspiration boards. I want to see a little bit of everything: Blogs, pinterest boards, flickr or facebook groups, challenges on other communities... You may comment it here or post on my new Facebook Fanpage!

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