Friday, August 2, 2013

At the beach element pack freebie - PS Blog train

Hello folks,

July was a crazy, unexpected, surprising, exciting but extremely fun month for me. Do you remember that I was trying to put up a full kit for you? I thought "well, I´ll have almost all July days free, so I´ll finish this kit, and that one for August in advance" and... guess what?

The small craft business owned by me along with two friends received an invitation to have a booth on a very huge geekery convention from our hometown, that lasted 8 days - no, I don´t live in San Diego, unfortunatelly, it wasn´t ComicCon :( The only problem was that this invitation arrived to us only 10 days before the convention started. And, as our products are moslty handmade and it was too good to decline, we went in a sleepless scheme to attend the convention.

Everything was fantastic, but I couldn´t have the "free" weeks I was suposed to have before my road trip.  I still have to prepare for another convention in September, just 10 days after my trip ends - this one is held by the LotR fan club I belong, and I´m in charge of some very important positions, and, when this one is done, we will need to prepare for another one we are going to sell at, in the middle of October.

And, as digital scrapbooking still don´t make me any profit, I had to slow down with it. This slowing down, however, just showed to myself how I LOVE to do it, and miss it while I´m away of scrapping and designing - and, as soon as those busy months end, I hope to commit more with scrapping and, specially, designing. For now, I can tell you that I deceided that I´ll keep Lorien´s Workshop as my "brand" for crafts, and start using the name LW designs for digital scrapbook and digital scrapbook designs. In my opinion it´s not a great issue, as LW are the initials I always used on my kits. The only thing is that I need a new logo! I am going to try designing it during my road trip, but not sure if I really want to do it without my wacom... let´s see...

Well, back to the topic: It´s time for a new Pixel Scrapper blog train and, as I´ve played in all PS blogtrains since they start, I couldn´t just drop this one down. So, I made a Personal Use element pack to play along. I try to make everything for Pixel Scrapper as comercial use stuff, but this time I used lots of CU stuff that didn´t allow CU4CU, and it was either use them and make a small pack, or don´t jump in! Since I efective learned high quality standards it´s not an option for me to make poor quality elements anymore. Unfortunatelly, making everything from scratch to offer as limited comercial use kits is still a slow process for me if I´m doing it according the quality standards.

Here is my portion of the blog train. Click on the preview to enlarge, the direct download link is right above the preview:

Download expired

As you can see, my element pack have 4 unique high textured elements, made in a way they seem to be handmade to use on a paper scrapbook work. but then, as I think photo props are really cool, I deceided to experiment and make my sunglasses with semi-transparent pixel lenses; so, included on the download are two sunglasses which lenses have different transparency levels - I´m not sure if you can really see the effect on the preview; also, say hello to my hubby, lol. The elements are all shown in actual size against a 12x12 in background; the background paper isn´t included, but you can download at DigiTee Designs by Sheilla blog, where you can also find the styles I used on the tree and lots of other awesome freebies! 

Click here to see the full blog train list, including previews, and don´t forget to feed the designers you love with comments!


  1. Oi Lórien, Acho q vc linkou com um outro arquivo, porque quando eu baixei recebi uma WA. O kit é lindo por sinal! :D

    1. Oi Cinthia! Obrigada por avisar. Você tem razão, fui olhar agora e o link estava errado. Já corrigi, mil desculpas!

  2. Thank you for your part on the blogtrain!

  3. Can't wait to try the darling! Thank you!

  4. Thank you for your parts of the blog train!

  5. LOL Thank you Lorien!! SO glad that you joined in. It does not matter how small it is - I love seeing what you've made and I am always very grateful for everything people share at Pixelscrapper.Hope the convention went well for you and good luck with the next one!!

  6. Thank you for taking time from your very busy schedule to create these elements for us. :)

  7. Luv the look of the glasses THANK YOU ;~} can`t wait to try`m out...


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