Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Freebies about to expire

I am writing this note to remember you that Heart Rock song full kit will expire on June the 5th. For instructions to download it, click here.

As you may know for now, Heart Rock Song is the result of a design mentoring class I took at Scraps and Pieces. I learned a lot there, and realised that most of the stuff I did before that was of poor quality. I apologise for those who have downloaded poor quality things from me, it was just because I didn´t really knew the standards, and how to do better stuff.

As now I know how to do it better, and I wish I´ll have a store to sell digi stuff sooner or later, I will retire some of the previous freebies to make a full kit with a improoved quality. When I finish this kit, I´ll do how I did with heart rock song: Live it for free for a limited time, them whitdraw it to the day I am able to have a store somewhere. The kits I am going to retire on June the 07th, to work on improoved versions, are:

Next post will be on June 01st and will include new, better quality freebies. Don´t forget to come back to check them out :)

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