Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What is Happening at ScrappyBee

Have you seen the Honey Bees new collections? This month, we have a super cute collab, called Honey Bear:

The Honey Bear collab is ful of cute stuff - not everything is included on the colab previews. Also, it´s full of awesome neutral stuff, what makes this MEGA the kind of product that you´ll use over and over again. It´s free with purchases of 10,00 or more this month.

We also have our monthly honey pot. This month, several ScrappyBee Designers created goodies with the same color palette with a fishing theme. You must se how cute the submissions are:

This month, I joined the honey pot with a cute Mini-kit. While it´s still on the theme, I wanted it to have enough elements to make non-themed pages to. Here is my mini:

And here, a layout I made for my cat´s photobook with some of the mini pieces:

There are lots of other contributions to the HoneyPot, and all of them are priced 1,00 till June 7th. Take a look, for example, on Hook, Liner & Sinker collection by Crescent Moon Designs:

Don´t you think these fishing bears are cute? Well, I do! I hope to see you soon at ScrappyBee!

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