Sunday, May 4, 2014

Luke, the lucky cat

May the 4th be with you!

Today is the Star Wars Day - the day where Star Wars fans all over the world show their love and appretiation for the George Lucas´ saga. I use to be in some kind of celebration, but this year I stayed at home - the biggest celebration in my town was the Star Was Run, a tematic street run at night. But it was on the other side of the city, I didn´t have a way to come back home after it... and well, I can´t run anyway :S

But, as it´s also iNSD I had fun anyway! And one of the pages I made this week was with an adorable picture that my husband took from our littlest kitty, which name is... guess what? Luke Skywalker! Although sometimes he behaves more like Anakin Skywalker, LOL. He and her sister, found me on my way to deliver a sign in the beginning of the year, and I simply could live those little fluffy things at the street, where someone abandoned them. They were just 40 days old or so back then... And they are more than adorable! Then, I was chatting with my geeky friends while I was setting up my craft booth in a geek event and one of then was with a Darth Vader´s action figure... Somehow I deceided at that moment to call them Luke and Leah Skywalker, and they have been rebels ever since, lol.

I made this layout for the iNSD template challenge from Love it, Scrap it at ScrappyBee (what? Haven´t you checked ScrappyBee iNSD challenges yet? Some of them are really easy, go to our forum now! If you´re too late for iNSD, we still have multiple challenges every month!). The kit I used is Feeling Lucky by Crescent Moon Designs:

It´s a fun Saint Patrick´s day because it is not like the traditional kits where everything is green. The papers are colorful and there are elements (like that cute rainbow and the coins pot) that, even being thematic, can be used for other kinds of layouts. They go very well with my cat´s pictures, for example.
Like everything at ScrappyBee, this kit is 50% off right now - but if you want it, run, because it will come back to regular price tomorow!

Happy Star Wars Day everybody!

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