Friday, January 31, 2014

Daily life scrapping weekend day 2

Hello! Today I´ll talk a little about templates.

There are three kinds of useful templates for those who are working on daily life albuns: The WordArt templates, and Layout Templates. Word art templates come in black .pngs and can be recolored to match the colors of your page. I´m planning to do a tutorial on how to work with them in some days. Journal card templates may, or may not, be layered, but are also made in a way you can make your custom stuff with the colors you´re working.

Layout templates are the main theme of today´s post. They usually come in different layered file formats, in a way you can clip your papers and photos. They are intended to save time and help you preview how your layout will come out even before you get started on them. For me, the most difficult pages to create are the "blocked" style ones. I think it´s difficult to imagine where to put each photo without one of them. And, when I try, I make a mess on the layers when I deceide to move something for other part of the page. Fortunatelly, there are many designers that offer templates specially designed for people doing daily life albuns, either on blocked/p365 style, or on project life/pocket style.

To give an example, I´ll show you the newest release from Joyful Expressions: This kit is called Project Life: February templates (clicking on the preview you´ll go straight to the store where you can buy it):

Project life template series from Joyful Expressions are made for up to seven photos in the same page. If you don´t want to put that many pictures in a single page, you can make paper blocks, clipping different papers to them and either leaving them blank, using them to journal, or using embelishments on them. Jennnifer´s goal is to make one template pack for each month, releasing when the month is turning. Those templates are very intuitive to use, and also to made small changes if you need. This was January´s pack:

And this is the layout I made with bottom right template:

You can notice that I changed some things on the template: I switched places between the long journal block and the three bottom picture places, and I reduced the space for the second background paper, in a way that the bottom paper shows a bit more, and also added two elies on the big journal block. I am very satisfied with this layout, and I think I´d never do it without this template. I mixed kits again this time: some things come from Snow Capades (can you see that I´m in love with this kit, right? I´m using it a lot) and others are from Rainy Days by my friend Melo Vrijhof. The wordart on the bottom right is also from Joyful Expressions.

Extra hint: Do you wanna try Joyful Expressions Word Art Templates? There is a great word art pack waiting for you at Joyful Expressions blog. 

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