Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kit Love Bites by Callaluna Creations

I´ve know Callaluna Creations for blog train freebies for a while, so, when it´s owner, Heather, joined us on Pixel Scrapper community, I already knew a bit about her. For me, getting to know designers is still a bit new, they are kind of celebrities on my mind - guess everyone that already tried to make a kit knows how its hard!
 When I saw this layout she posted on her gallery, I was quite impressed, for the deep, dark shades of red and purple, and the beautiful flowers:

When I saw the full kit preview, I was even more inpressed: It´s a fun, cativating (but yet depressive) work, really "outside the box" for the themes you use to see on digital scrapbook kits:

(If you can´t wait to have this kit, just jump over Callaluna Creations store)

It´s a very nice, easy to work with when you start. Both papers and elements match nicely, and It´s very fun t  o tear your own virtual photos with the template included on the kit. It also includes some styles for photoshop and two alphas. Well, let me show you what I made with this kit. Its a sad story, that really happened in real life:

What do you feel when you see this layout? My husband said he felt piety of the poor stuffed kitty - but I tried to be a bit funny with this...

Well, back to the topic: Callaluna Creations just opened a store, and, it means opening sales ;) This kit is not on the store yet, but will be in one or two days. I think it´s totally worthy. Please visit Heather´s store, clicking here.

I am preparing a little surprise for my readers, so stay tuned ;)

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