Thursday, February 27, 2014

Introducing the Wedding Series + a paper pack for you

One of my designer goals is to offer series of kits that match with each other or, even if the kits aren´t part of a series, to point out to my costumers kits that can be used together. My first series is the wedding series. It´s inspired for some of us who, even being married for some years now, still didn´t scrap our own wedding books. I have three kits of this series on the process of being made and I may, or may not, have more of them later (do you want me to make a wedding kit on your theme/ colors? E-mail me at loriensworkshop at and, if I take your request as a part of the wedding series you´ll get the kit you inspired for free!)

So, to give you a little sample, I pulled out some colors from two of the palettes and made this paper pack, using some products from my friend Jenni, from Joyful Expressions. The packs I used were Taking the Metro CU paper pattern makers, that I already announced on this blog. You can purchase the pack 1 here - today is the last day of the 50% off sale for this one - Only US$ 1,50 for four CU layered templates - and the part 2 is here - this is also in a limited time sale.

This is my free sample - I´ve been avoiding to use "freebie" word, specially in the header, to try avoiding the bots that steal downloads and put on suspicious sites - so when you see that the title of a topic include a "for you" or "4U" there´s free stuff somewhere. Click on the pic to download:

When working with layered patterned papers, you jave lots of possibilities if you don´t want simply to recolor and texture to have your papers. You can rotate, add masks, borders, hide (or add) layers, apply glitter styles, use the layer styles as overlays to create tone-on-tone papers (they´re also called tonal, or solidish) and so on. I explored only a few of these possibilities on this paper pack, but, if you want, I can make a tutorial showing the how-tos (just ask by e-mail or on the blog comments). Also, layered patterns are easier to make high quality colorful papers, as you can clip the texture individually in each layer, to make sure it shows equally in different colors. As I said, I used only a few of these techniques so you can easy identify the patterns I used on the pattern maker previews, shown below (and still see some of the colors I´m using on my next kits):

Thanks for reading - and watch for news and more freebie stuff on the wedding series coming soon!

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