Sunday, September 1, 2013

Last of Summer Freebie

You know what? New month, new freebie :D

August was a even busier month here. It was a month with a road trip to see relatives that I haven´t met in the last 13 years! Also, the month before the bi-annual convention of the Tolkien fan-club which I´m in, and I´m helping to organize.

Although I couldn´t stop to design a logo for myself, I had a spare afternoon during the road trip, and designed some papers and started some ellies for the STS Road Trip. Then, I quality checked everything and added something else and... here you have a new freebie :D

This road trip has, as a title, "Last of Summer", and, someday, I plan to make a full Summer kit with this palette... I´ll change a bit the theme, but I´m not really sure how. What do you think? Should I theme it as Summer Sunset/Nightfall? Summer Solstice? Or maybe Summer in the Metropolis? Well, we´ll see in some months.

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I guess from the end of this month on, I can really get into desinging again, although I have another convention next month. I am missing it so much, specially to pick stuff at my craft room, put them in what I call a "wonder box", then go down with them, scan and extract :) Let´s see what surprises this new month brings...


Thank you for your kind comments!