Saturday, June 15, 2013

Scraps and Pieces blog Train: Fathers and Sons

Today will be an exciting day! I´m going to sell some crafts and stickers designed by me at a convention. It´s 1:58 am here, and I´m still finishing some things. At 7:30am sharp I´m leaving home! Wow.

That´s the reason my kit is so small and my post will be also very simple. I suggested this palette and theme for SNP blog train, but didn´t had time to make a full kit as I wanted. I will still do it someday, but now it isn´t on the priority list. I want a very doodled kit, but still manly. The cap and the bowtie you see were hand drawn by myself!

Now, take a look on the fantastic portions you can grab on the other portions of the train: This time, all of them are just fantastic:

And here is the links list, so you can find all those goodies to make a fun full kit:

Lorien´s Workshop --> You are here, yay! Just one left <---


Thank you for your kind comments!